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The Honey Boys are OUT and on the loose!

As the Monkees were to the Beatles, The HoneyBoys are to any and all of the boy bands of recent years.
The Honey Boys
Of course, the game of figuring out which one is gay doesn't apply- they're ALL gay, ALL sexy, and ALL exceedingly talented singer/dancers! Okay, 'boy band' may not be the best label, but if it conjures images of good looking young guys, it'll do until you see us doing our thing: We are an idea whose time has come- we send up contemporary gay life with laughter, dance, music and a titillating touch of skin!

On October 11th, we performed at the PFLAG Annual Awards Dinner at Tavern on the Green in NYC honoring Jason West, the 'marrying mayor' of New Paltz, NY. Our musical selection was an incredibly moving montage of Amanda Marshall's beautiful song "Marry Me" and quotes from men and women who experienced the gay rights breakthrough that occurred on May 17, 2004 in Massachussetts.

We also performed on the Atlantis cruise to Mexico which set sail on October 16.

Please check out our website: You may view a video of our Pride Revue which has been performed on five Atlantis Cruises since June 2003. Our newest extravaganza is Versatile's one wild and sexy ride with some surprisingly touching twists.

We are also pleased to offer a copy of the DVD promo to prospective presenters or to supportive patrons enrolled in our vision of a community where open dialogue about the American gay experience is celebrated with humor and poignancy.

As you may guess, we’d love to perform on Fire Island!

Keep an eye OUT for us in your 'hood!

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"Secrets: Paintings and Prints by Gloria Garfinkel"
Opening October 6, 6 - 9 PM, thru November 6. Paul Sharpe Contemporary Art (PSCA) announces the opening of a new exhibit entitled Secrets: Paintings and Prints by Gloria Garfinkel, > MORE

"Profound Afterglow: Prints of Lenore RS Lim"

New York, NY – Paul Sharpe Contemporary Art (PSCA) announces the opening of a new exhibit entitled Profound Afterglow: Prints of Lenore RS Lim, featuring a survey of work by Filipino artist Lenore RS Lim. The exhibit presents prints by the artist that are included in a new book of the same title which is being published by the GSIS Museum of Art in Manila. The book features a forward by Agnes Gund, chairwoman of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City. Opening November 10, 6 – 9 PM, thru December 11.

Lenore RS Lim, who splits her time between her native Philippines, Vancouver, and New York, is a print maker extraordinaire. She worked alongside Robert Blackburn in his print making workshop and she is a dedicated print maker as she does not produce paintings or drawings. Her prints are known for their sumptuous quality and attention to detail. Lim’s artwork takes cues from the natural environment, especially the mountainous area where her mother now lives outside of Manila. Her work also incorporates photoetchings and etchings derived from cloth and embroidery. The silky beautiful prints are stunning when viewed firsthand.

The forthcoming monograph from the GSIS Museum of Art includes an introduction by Gund, along with an introduction by Paul Sharpe, director of PSCA. The text is written by Filipino scholar Ruben Defeo, who has followed Lim’s career, and an interview of the artist is included by Clint White, the founder of Art Career Network. The book will feature approximately 80 reproductions of Lim’s work along with the texts.

Lenore RS Lim is represented exclusively in New York by Paul Sharpe Contemporary Art, where she has been seen in “Three Women/Three Visions” in April 2002.

More information may be found at or by calling Paul Sharpe at 646 613 1252.

Swing Out Sister Returns with First US CD in 7 Years

IThere are precious few artists in the pop music firmament who are completely unique. Still rarer are unique artists who manage to remain relevant and maintain a devoted following over decades. With the release of Where Our Love Grows, Swing Out Sister (Corinne Drewery and Andy Connell) begins its twentieth year of existence as purveyors of their very special brand of pop soul derived from an unlikely mix of influences. Where Our Love Grows delivers a bright, breezy blend of lounge, latin and northern soul bristling with cinematic moods and jazzy rhythms. Its songs contain classic shades of Burt Bacharach, John Barry and Ennio Morricone but also throw in an ambient, contemporary twist that dovetails nicely with groups such as Zero 7 and Air. The material on Where Our Love Grows are all originals even though they sound like hits you should already know. The songs unfold like the soundtrack to a wonderful film we'd all like to be in. It's a celebration of breezy pop-soul evoking more innocent times with just enough subversive twists to keep it interesting.

It's especially noteworthy that Swing Out Sister manages to keep fresh even though the essence of their sound hasn't really changed. Where Our Love Grows finds Swing Out Sister still working with their original producer, Paul Staveley O'Duffy. "The way we make a record has gradually changed over the years, rather than delivering demos and then going into the studio, we now write as we record. It's a much more organic process, and having our own studio gives us more creative freedom. As Paul has worked with us on all but one of our eight studio albums, it made sense that we would eventually write songs together. He also has a great sense of humour - which helps!"

Honed with an expertise gleaned over two decades of collaboration, Where Our Love Grows evokes long summer days, chic pavement cafes, cool sea breezes and lusty Latin cocktails, all the while speeding off to the occasional

all-nighter in some far-flung casino. Corinne Drewery, who has been the evocative voice of Swing Out Sister virtually from the beginning, sets the tone on "Love Won't Let You Down" which sounds like a lost Motown classic. Like most of the songs on Where Our Love Grows, "Love Won't Let You Down" delivers a great melody--something all too rare on the current musical landscape--which is a major reason for Swing Out Sister's longevity.

One of the other keys to Swing Out Sister's success lies in their consummate flair for mixing quintessential pop with exotic rhythms, soaring string and vocal arrangements and a sprinkling of classic R & B, often in novel ways. This combination works to perfection on tracks such as the Brazilian-influenced "Caipirinha," which packs as potent a punch as the rum, lime and sugar cocktail from which it takes its name. Truly Swing Out Sister has absorbed its influences so completely that their music has a completely organic and fresh feel even when evoking the glories of classic pop-soul.

"The title Where Our Love Grows actually came from a discussion in the chat room on our website! A fan of our music was convinced that this was the title of our forthcoming album. We liked it so much we used it, and a song of the same name ensued...Our influences never really change-it's just that there are so many, there isn't room for them all on one record! This time our love of northern soul & Latin came to the fore. A friend described the style of this album as "Lounge Motown" which I think sums it up pretty well," says Corinne Drewery.

Swing Out Sister was formed in 1985 in Manchester, England by keyboardist Andy Connell and drummer Martin Jackson, former members of the indie bands A Certain Ratio and Magazine. They were joined by singer Corinne Drewery, who had no prior professional experience. Luckily her vocal sound and phrasing was a perfect match for Swing Out Sister's vision, as evidenced on their first single "Blue Mood" and their breakthrough follow-up, "Breakout," which scored a Top Ten hit in the UK in 1997, as well as in the U.S., where it earned them a Grammy nomination. Hits followed with "Surrender" and "Twilight World," all taken from the album It's Better To Travel -which the band certainly did- earning them worldwide recognition.

Kaleidoscope World, their 1989 album explicitly declared their debt to orchestrated pop-soul by employing the arrangement skills of legendary Jim Webb, whose work with The Fifth Dimension had greatly influenced the band.

By 1992, Swing Out Sister, now down to Drewery and Connell, hit the pop charts in the U.S. and UK with their cover of Barbara Acklin's "Am I The Same Girl?," the vocal version of Young-Holt Unlimited's "Soulful Strut." After several tours, the group enjoyed success in many countries, including Japan, where in 1997 they received a Grand Prix award (Japanese equivalent to a Grammy) for best international artists for their song "Now You're Not

Here," featured on the album Shapes and Patterns.

Throughout the 1990's, Swing Out Sister released a series of splendid albums that sustained their large, devoted following. With the UK-release of their 2002 CD, Somewhere Deep In The Night, and now the worldwide release of Where Our Love Grows, Swing Out Sister shows that their creative powers are as vital as ever as they continue to bring irresistible melodies, real passion and finely-honed pop craft so desperately needed by an often jaded music scene. "We don't ever have a concept when we write a song. Our reasons for continuing to make music are the same as they ever were-to make us feel good. Hopefully those listening will feel it too!"

Contact: Martha @ Fly Life Inc Tel: 917.606.0155/E-mail:



New York October 7, 2004 - Singer/songwriter
Rufus Wainwright, called an "as-yet unheralded American treasure" by Sir Elton John, is set to release "Want Two," his new DreamWorks CD and fourth of his career.

The package also includes an extensive 22-track DVD feature. "Want Two" Arrives in stores November 16. The 12-track CD comes on the heels of Wainwright's acclaimed "Want One" from 2003. The new one continues the themes explored on the previous recording,though Wainwright has said "Want Two" contains "the more daunting tracks, the operatic, weird stuff, some heavy numbers that relate to my classical sensibilities."

The new CD was largely recorded during the same sessions as the first, and features the same creative team Wainwright used for "Want One." That includes producer Marius deVries (Björk, Madonna, David Bowie) and guest performers Charlie Sexton and Gerry Leonard; drummers Levon Helm, Matt Johnson and Sterling Campbell; bassists Jeff Hill and Bernard O'Neill; and Backing vocalists Martha Wainwright (Rufus' sister), Jenny Muldaur, Linda Thompson and Teddy Thompson. Folk legend Kate McGarrigle, Wainwright's mother, plays banjo, while his aunt Anna McGarrigle plays accordion.

Tracks include "Hometown Waltz," "Little Sister," "The One You Love," "An Old Whore's Diet," "Memphis Skyline," "Peach Trees," "Agnus Dei," "Crumb By Crumb," "Gay Messiah," "The Art Teacher," "Waiting For A Dream," and "This Love Affair."

The DVD includes performances filmed at a live concert at San Francisco's historic Fillmore Auditorium, and includes songs from both "Want One" and "Want Two," among them "I Don't Know What It Is," "Dinner at Eight," "Go or Go Ahead," and "Oh What a World."

The son of two great popular music figures, Loudon Wainwright III and Kate McGarrigle, Rufus Wainwright burst upon the recording scene with his self-titled 1998 debut. He followed that with "Poses" in 2001. Rufus will soon make his big screen debut in director Martin Scorsese's upcoming "The Aviator," with a second film role in the 2005 Merchant Ivory film "Heights."

Release Date: "Want Two" (Dreamworks/Geffen Records) - November 16, 2004

For Further Information:
Contact: Martha @ Fly Life Inc
Tel: 917.606.0155/E-mail:



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